Parking during the North Sea Regatta, it’s always a challenge. The good thing is that even though the government keeps on changing the scene and constructing new buildings, we manage year after year! We hope to help you again with some useful parking information for this years regatta.

During the North Sea Regatta the Hellingweg is only used as parking lot for small boat trailers, so all the cars need to be parked somewhere else. The inner park lot / wharf is used for the parking of the trailers J22 class. All participants of the North Sea Regatta need to find themselves a parking spot for their car other than at the Hellingweg or the inner park lot / wharf.

Around the race village there is limited parking available. We urgently request participants and visitors to carpool as much as possible. To prevent towing of incorrectly parked vehicles please be mindful that emergency services require an open passage. North Sea Regatta must be reachable for all emergency services.

The organisation suggest everyone who has the possibility to come by public transport should do so. When you do travel by car the organisations is suggesting the following options for parking:

  • Houtrustweg Zuiderstrand (free parking, paid after 6 pm)
  • Hellingweg, only the first part (free parking)
  • Kranenburgweg (free parking)
  • Lelykade at the quay (free)
  • Lelykade Parking ‘De Reder’ (paid, opening hours are restricted)
  • Lelykade Gamma Parking Apcoa (paid,opening hours are restricted)
  • Parking Houtrust close to the squash center (free, 10 minute walk)

Parking keelboat trailers
Trailers for small keelboats can be parked at the marina area (‘Malherbe’). Alternatively, trailers can be parked on the parking area Houtrustweg, opposite Laan van Poot 18, 2566 EC.

Parking dinghy trailers
Trailers for dinghies can be parked on the Hellingweg near the slipway. Other cars or trailers using these reserved spots will be towed.

Accessibility of Hellingweg & Race Village
As of May 29th, the Hellingweg and the race village are restricted for participant cars for loading and unloading only. For residents and local companies the Hellingweg will remain unrestricted.

On June 1st and 2nd dinghy sailors can bring their boat trailer to one of the reserved spaces near the slipway. Accompanying cars will need to be removed immediately.