Looking for crew or a yacht to sail the North Sea Regatta in 2018?

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Name Experience
Alex Frederking
9 december 1981
Trim, stuurman en voordek op diverse kajuitjachten van 19 tot 46 voet, in clubwedstrijden en lange afstands. Verder een klein beetje ervaring J/80.


  • Vaarbewijs 1 + 2
  • Marcom A
  • Instructeursdiploma CWO Zi3

In bezit van bemanningslicentie 2018

Tom Diers
+491577 1788500
I would like to join a crew for the Vuurschepenrace and NSR this year.
I grew up sailing on different types of yachts and boats. Most sailing experience was collected in the North- and Wadden Sea. I raced before and I am very eager to learn and work hard, so I am broadly employable. In addition to that I also collected a lot of experience navigating in the open sea and did all types of jobs on the sailing boat.It would be a pleasure to join a nice team for the NSR. I speak English and German, but also understand most Dutch.Please contact me at t.diers@web.de or call +491577 1788500.

Ronald Steltenpool
24 March 1970
Race Experience:
2017: IJspegel/ vuurschepenrace/NSR/ Cowes-St.Malos / FastnetCertificates: CWO II, TKN, SRC

Igor Brucher
+316 1499 3220
I am looking for crewing on any type of boat. My sailing experience is:

  • 1987 – Started sailing classes with Optimists at the age of 10 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil
  • Between 1988 and 1998 sailed on weekends with  family on a 30ft cursing boat
  • Started competing in the Penguin class in 1993 in Rio de Janeiro
  • 2nd place at the Brazilian Penguin Nationals in 1995 and 2nd place at the Penguin World both held in Florianopolis, Brazil.
  • 1996-2003 sailed on a 34ft racer named “Gaivota VII” in Rio de Janeiro starting as a foredeck and then moving to trimmer and finally skipper. During that time we achieved several top position in races and tournaments in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

–          2000 – Crossing of the Atlantic Ocean on board “Europa45” a 45 ft MD with a crew of 4. We crossed from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil to Ponta Delgada on the Azores.

–          2006- 2009 – Sailed on “Parrot Tales” a C&C 121 in Galveston , Texas, USA. During that time we sailed most races in Galveston Bay but also a yearly race to Port Aransas and some other offshore races.

–          2009-2011- Recreational sailing on weekends on Hobby 16 in Luanda, Angola.

–          2013-2015 – Part of the crew on “Lionheart” a Farr 9.2 in Perth, Australia. Sailing in all positions.

Besides the above experiences I have made delivery of boats between British Virgin Islands and Cuba  as well as several deliveries in Brazil. For a short time I sailed on 470 and Tornado class in Brazil.

In the last 6 years I have made bareboat charters during my vacations in places like Brazil, Turkey, Cuba, Greece,Thailand and Mallorca both on monohulls and catamarans.

As expressed above I am a passionate sailor that likes to be on and around boats. I enjoy both competitive sailing as well as cruising.

Arjen Petersen
 Opstapper beschikbaar. Ervaring als pit, voordek, mastman, trimmer op: J22, j80, X35, BH36, W30.


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